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About Hearth Witch Healing

Helping YOU heal you.

The only form of healing that I have found to work is healing myself. I am constantly working on that task with all kinds of spiritual practices. But, I have found over time that so much of what we do in our everyday lives is spiritual work. So, I began to center my healing work around my personal hearth ( my vessel) as well as my physical hearth (my home).

Here at Hearth Witch Healing, I'm spreading love and healing energy the best ways that I have learned. I have spent over 20 years learning and keeping the things I have learned to myself and my family. I'm feeling called to share my journey with the world. 

My goal is to with the gifts from source energy and Mother Earth to aid in healing emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The healing done here at Hearth Witch Healing is focused first and foremost through the lens of love. I focus on witchy self care practices. I hope to share herbal remedies, daily rituals, altar work, spell work, and more. Honestly, whatever feels right to share. We flow.

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